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 How we see the Guild progressing

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PostSubject: How we see the Guild progressing   Tue Mar 03, 2009 4:34 pm

Gaia’s current members see it as a relaxed and friendly group within which to play World of Warcraft. We are strongly PvE minded, doing little PvP as a Guild. Although we are on an RP Server it is only fair to say that the amount of Roleplaying anywhere but on the website is strictly limited.

Our aim is to build up a regular attendance of something over two dozen members on-line simultaneously every night,who will Group together when at all possible and will slowly be able to tackle most if not all of the Game’s content. What is most certainly not envisaged, however, is for Gaia to turn into a hardcore raiding Guild, with heavy pressures to attend at specific times, and penalties enforced in the event of failure to turn up. We wish to remain far more relaxed than that, and if that means we will not be conducting 25 man raids every week, then so be it. We do, however, have ambitions to see inside as many of WoW’s Instances as possible!

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How we see the Guild progressing
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