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 Ranking system

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PostSubject: Ranking system   Tue Aug 12, 2008 9:27 am

Gaia’s ranking system is as follows:

New players receive the rank of Recruit. This carries no withdrawal rights from the Guild vaults. Consideration for promotion will come after about 3 weeks of regular attendance and satisfactory behaviour, unless the character is already known to the Guild (such as an alternate character of an existing member), when immediate promotion can be expected. New Recruits are now being interviewed first by Officers to try and weed out those who are obviously unacceptable. Recruits who want promotion should sign the guild charter. Promotion from the rank of recruit will be decided by the Guild's Senators (at present Koteas, Vento and Arienn).

Promotion takes place to one of five equally ranked sub-groups denoted by function rather than status, as follows:


Protection Warrior;
Protection Paladin;
Feral Druid;
Tank-specced Deathknights.


Holy Priest;
Discipline Priest;
Restoration Druid;
Restoration Shaman;
Holy Paladin.

Wizard (ranged DPS)

Fire Mage;
Frost Mage;
Arcane Mage;
Affliction Warlock;
Destruction Warlock;
Demonology Warlock;
Elemental Shaman;
Balance Druid;
Shadow Priest.

Fighter(melee DPS)

Beast Mastery Hunter;
Marksmanship Hunter;
Survival Hunter;
Combat Rogue;
Assassination Rogue;
Subtlety Rogue;
Arms Warrior;
Fury Warrior;
Retribution Paladin;
Enhancement Shaman;
DPS specced Deathknights.

Above these ranks are Councillors and Senators. The intention is to keep membership of these ranks quite low. Councillors are those who have helped the Guild significantly with advice, recruitment or assistance to the lower ranks. The rank will usually only be bestowed on members who are on-line a lot. Senators are senior members who can take over the running of the Guild when the Guild Master goes on holiday or is otherwise absent.

Any character who has not played for 2 months or more will be transferred to the Inactive Member rank until they reactivate themselves. This should make it easier to see who our genuinely active members are at a glance. Any member who has not been on-line for 3 months will be removed from the guild, unless prior notice of absence has been given.

Both Senators and Councillors have power to recruit new members, and Senators can promote, demote or expel.

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Ranking system
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